Friday, October 23, 2009

pe cer >>> just to be the man you love

When you look in my eyes do you feel it in your
soul? Do you not realize you're the half
that makes me whole everything that I am,
I'll give it all to you. Put my heart in your
hands. there's nothing I won´t do, for
the chance just to live inside your heart and
understand the woman that you are.

I only wanna be the man, to give
you everything I can. Every day and every night love you
for all my life. I don't wanna change the
world as long as your my girl. it's more than enough.
Just to be the man you love

Be the place where you run when the walls come
tumbling down. Be the rock you lean on when you
can't find solid ground. Be your love and
your friend an all that's in between, from
now on ´till the end, it's only you
and me I wanna hear your secrets and your wildest
dreams wipe your tears..

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